Here's why Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is afraid to go to the White House: report
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (Screen cap).

Embattled Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is reportedly afraid to visit the White House given Donald Trump's increasingly bad mood.

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reported that one Republican he spoke to said Ross "has told people he’s afraid to visit the White House because he doesn’t want to be fired."

In the report, Sherman noted that several sources told him about the president's bad mood — though no one is quite sure what exactly is causing it.

"Current and former officials are debating different theories for Trump’s outbursts, ranging from his fears over his son Don Jr.’s legal exposure to the prospect that House Democrats will unleash investigations in January," the reporter wrote.

A prominent reporter told Sherman that Trump is "under a tremendous amount of mental stress," though another source close to the administration said the White House is now "just 100 percent Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump wants."

Another Republican briefed on the president's controversial decision not to go to a military cemetery in France earlier in the week happened because "he was worried his hair was going to get messed up in the rain."

A former administration official corroborated the claim.

"What I honestly think?" the official told Sherman. "He woke up and said, ‘It’s pouring rain. This is a joke and I’m not doing this.’”

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