CNN’s Don Lemon rips Trump for caravan fear-mongering after another mass shooting: ‘Homegrown killers are the problem’
CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, CNN's Don Lemon said that "homegrown killers" are the problem in response to the latest mass shooting in America happening in Thousands Oaks, California.

On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire and killed twelve people in a Country music bar. Lemon listed off a few of the places where mass shootings have happened.

Lemon said, "Americans aren't safe in a Country & Western bar. They're not safe in synagogues. Not safe in churches, schools, supermarkets, concerts, offices, gay bars, military bases, and newsrooms. And don't forget about malls and baseball fields. I could have a longer list here."

Lemon then play a short clip of the shooting and called it "chilling" that nobody was screaming.

"What's really chilling is that you don't hear the people screaming. Just gunshots and the sound of people trying to escape," Lemon said. "Everyday Americans now know what they should do if they're caught in a shooting. You don't scream. You stay down. You run as soon as you can. It's chilling that we've all thought about this."

He then slammed the White House for insisting that Americans should be afraid of the caravan when the true killers are homegrown.

"And remember just last week when the president told you it was the caravan that you should be afraid of," he said. "The caravan he is strangely not talking about much since the election."

Adding, "The caravan didn't shoot up that bar in Thousand Oaks. Which caravan did the shooter belong to? None of them as far as I know. The caravan didn't kill 11 people in that Pittsburgh Synagogue."

"The caravan is not the problem and hasn't been the problem. Homegrown killers are the problem. Homegrown killers are the problem. The question is when are we going to do something about it?"

Watch the full video below via CNN.