‘I’m white, I’m hot’ -- and now she’s missing: NC cops can’t find woman from viral 911 video
Susan Westwood

A white woman arrested after calling police on two black women has gone missing.

Susan Jane Westwood was issued a criminal summons last week by Charlotte police, who now say they can't find the 51-year-old woman seen in a viral video, reported The Charlotte Observer.

In the video, Westwood repeatedly demands to know why a black neighbor is at their apartment complex, and infamously says: “I’m white, I’m hot.”

Police accused Westwood of communicating threats and simple assault in the Oct. 19 incident, and she was later charged with misusing 911, a misdemeanor.

Charter Communications fired Westwood from her $125,000-per-year job after the video was widely shared on social media.

Investigators say she claimed two women she confronted were faking car trouble, and Westwood also falsely claimed people were trying to break into apartments.

However, officers have been unable to locate Westwood to serve the warrant.

Police are asking anyone who has seen Westwood to call 911.