John Oliver hilariously ridicules new acting AG Matt Whitaker's nonsensical Japanese tattoo he flexes while body building
John Oliver knocks Matt Whitaker (Photo: Screen capture)

In a brief "Last Week Tonight" segment about new acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, host John Oliver could not figure out what his tattoo meant.

Oliver walked through a series of photos Whitaker has yet to remove from his social media of him lifting weights, and one shows that in the inside of his left bicep, it reads, "Fall down 7 times get up 8."

"Look, I hate to criticize a Japanese proverb, but how can you get up eight times when you've only fallen down seven times?" the host asked. "If you fall down seven times you need to get up seven times."

Oliver then walked through the ways in which a former corporation in which Whitaker served as a paid advisor bilked millions from people who said that they had inventions.

One such invention was the Supreme Diva Jeans, which accentuates the "lovely lady lumps," according to ads. The corporation, World Patent Marketing, promised they'd be doing "prototypes, some samples and a press release," a lawsuit said. Oliver was disappointed because he purchased the jeans and showed the audience just how well they work to enhance his posterior region and make him more appealing to men.

While the segment was mostly about Whitaker, Oliver also took a moment to knock former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for always being fearful of shoes dropping "for fear that he'll be crushed underneath."

Watch below: