Kellyanne Conway's husband smacks down Trump's 'misleading' attack on the Ninth Circuit
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump this week has routinely attacked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals -- but his angry tirades on Thursday were shot down by none other than George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Writing on Twitter, Conway challenged the president's assertion that the Ninth Circuit's rulings are "overturned more than any Circuit in the Country" by noting that "the reversal rate for all courts in the Supreme Court last year was 74 percent."

What this means, said Conway, is that the Supreme Court isn't likely to take on cases that it believe deserve to be affirmed, and is much more likely to take on cases where it thinks the legal basis for a court's decision needs to be challenged.

He also noted that the Ninth Circuit is an unusually large circuit, which means that it has a lot of cases to scrutinize.

"The number of Ninth Circuit cases reviewed and reversed was high, but the Ninth Circuit is by far largest federal circuit by number of judges and size of docket," he wrote. "Anyway, to put the point more simply, the Supreme Court doesn’t usually take cases to affirm them, which is why the statistic the President is citing is misleading."

Read Conway's whole tweet storm below.