Melania Trump mysteriously racked up $100K tab during 6-hour stay at Cairo hotel: report
First Lady Melania Trump wearing a "pith helmet" during her trip to Africa.

According to a report at Vanity Fair, first lady Melania Trump's sojourn to Africa included a $95,050 tab for hotel accommodations in Cairo even though the wife of Donald Trump was reportedly only there for six hours.

The first lady has already come under fire for her vacation wear which echoed colonial garb, and news of the exorbitant expenditure is sure to throw more fuel on the fire that her trip was less about her interest in Africa and more about a photo-op distraction from her husband's troubles at home.

As Vanity Fair reports, "It’s unclear how the First Lady and her staff racked up the bill at the hotel, where rooms start at $119 and go up to $699 for the presidential suite," at the InterContinental Semiramis hotel --particularly since her spokesperson has already confirmed she did not stay overnight.