MSNBC’s Mika wonders if House Dems will end ‘horrible’ Trump presidency with subpoenas: ‘People don’t want him’
Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC)

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski wondered whether House Democrats would unleash a torrent of investigations in hopes of ending Donald Trump’s “horrible” presidency.

The “Morning Joe” co-host said the president was so unpopular in so many parts of the United States that Democrats might have nothing to lose by opening the floodgates.

“There have been so many unimaginable things in this presidency,” Brzezinski said. “Just sort of flashes in my mind, are the president visiting Paradise, California, and then doddering around, calling it ‘Pleasure,’ and getting the name wrong in light of hundred of people -- possibly, ultimately, when the numbers are counted -- dying there in flames, an entire town decimated. He doesn't even get the name right.”

“The synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, there are people that have the president visiting that don't want him to come,” she continued. “He's sowed so much resentment and so much fear and so much disgust that people don't want him to come to be comforting at a time of a mass shooting inside a synagogue.”

“Puerto Rico, another disaster, throwing paper towels at the people as if they are minions and the king is sending them candy or something,” she added.

Brzezinski wondered whether Democratic lawmakers might try to drive him from office with a cascade of subpoenas.

“For a Democrat or for anybody who feels that Trump may be a little crass,” she said, “this has been a horrible time watching this presidency unfold. I wonder if he's sowed so much doubt and resentment that when the Democrats come calling, they are going ask for everything.”