Nate Silver says media missed massive ‘blue wave’ while covering ‘stories about Trump voters in truck stops’
Trump supporters and protesters gather outside a campaign rally (and accompanying anti-Trump protest) for President Trump and US Senate candidate Martha McSally. (Eric Rosenwald /

President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party have tried to downplay the 2018 midterm election and the successes Democrats have had.

"This vigorous campaigning stopped the blue wave that they talked about," Trump told a press conference audience after the election. "I don’t know if there ever was such a thing, but could’ve been. If we didn’t do the campaign, probably there could’ve been. And the history really will see what a good job we did in the final couple of weeks in terms of getting some tremendous people over the finish line."

However, in the words of Aldous Huxley, "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

According to numbers genius Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, the blue-wave was downright "crazy," in terms of turnout.

"About 60 million people turned out to vote for Democrats for the House this year," Silver tweeted Sunday. "That is a **crazy** number. (Republicans got 45m votes in the 2010 wave.) And this was sort of missed. Why so many stories about Trump voters in truck stops and not so many about 'the resistance'?"

To put that in context, Silver explained Trump earned 63 million votes in 2016, while former Gov. Mitt Romney lost with just 61 million. Sen. John McCain garnered 60 million votes.