Nazis running on Holocaust denial platforms won 25 percent of voters in Illinois and California
California Holocaust-denier John Fitzgerald who won a quarter of the vote/Screenshot

While Democrats did well in Tuesday's midterms, taking control of the House of Representatives and winning 55 percent of the popular vote for U.S. Senate.

There were still a number of troubling results—winners include three men who have recently been indicted, the author of Bigfoot erotica, and a deceased pimp.

And that's not even mentioning Iowa's Steve King.

And even among the losers, fringe candidates garnered a surprising share of the vote—even in blue states.

In California, John Fitzgerald ran for Congress to expose the Holocaust as "a fabricated lie."

Fitzgerald was denounced by his own state's Republican Party and recorded interviews with neo-Nazis. He says that the 9/11 attacks were part of a Jewish plot.

He got 43,000 votes, 29 percent of the total.

In Illinois, Arthur Jones, the former leader of the American Nazi Party, was on the ballot as a Republican.

Jones got 25 percent of the vote, meaning the former leader of a Nazi group is supported by at least 44,000 people in Illinois.

The Illinois GOP disavowed his campaign but had done nothing to stop him.