New emails reveal Trump strategist may have illegally participated in Brexit campaign: report
British Prime Minister Theresa May visited US President Donald Trump at the White House in January. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

Newly revealed emails show that Donald Trump's chief campaign strategist, Steve Bannon, may have illegally participated in the Brexit campaign, the New Yorker reported on Saturday.

Like the United States, the United Kingdom has a law which bans foreign contributions to its political campaigns.

"Whether foreign funds secretly supported the Brexit movement has become the focus of intense speculation and investigation in the U.K. The British probes, in many respects, are parallel to the Robert Mueller investigation of possible Russian support for Trump’s 2016 campaign," the report notes.

New documents show that Steve Bannon, then the head of Cambridge Analytica, was on a chain of three e-mails sent in October 2015, between a Cambridge Analytica official and the head of the Leave campaign, Arron Banks.

"Executives at Cambridge Analytica claimed that they had access to unprecedented quantities of advanced 'psychographic' data that enabled the Trump campaign to micro-target its pitch to voters," the report says, data allegedly taken improperly from Facebook.

"The possibility that both Brexit and the Trump campaign simultaneously relied upon the same social-media company and its transgressive tactics, as well as some of the same advisers, to further far-right nationalist campaigns, set off alarm bells on both sides of the Atlantic."

The report says that the Mueller probe and the British probe of the Leave campaign "have increasingly become interwoven," and noted ties to Russian officials and Wikileaks.

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