Paul Krugman just busted Trump for his newest hidden racist message delivered during his rally rants
President Donald J. Trump delivers a speech during the "Make America Great Again" rally held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. (Brandon Stivers /

Writing on Twitter, Paul Krugman called out President Donald Trump and his followers who wail about "economic anxiety" then turn around and attack "globalists."

According to the New York Times columnist, Trump is using coded ant-Semitic messages to inflame his base even more.

According to to the Nobel Prize-winning Krugman, Trump is scapegoating immigrants and creating the specter of a Jewish plot to take over the U.S. as reflected by the ravings of accused Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers.

"Law-and-order campaigns by nasty people have long been part of the US political scene. But this time is different -- because the GOP is inventing a crime crisis at a time when America is historically safe (murders fell slightly in 2017)" Krugman explained by sharing a graphic to bolster his case.

He went on to add, "That is, the hysteria doesn't correspond to any lived experience -- and the panic over immigrant crime is greatest where there are hardly any immigrants. The only reason any of this gets traction is racism."

Krugman then called out Trump's recent rally rants about being a "nationalist," while sneering at globalists.

"Oh, and we stop talking about "economic anxiety" and globalization as drivers for Trumpism? He isn't even talking about trade or economic populism; in fact, 'global' now means 'Jew' for his purposes," he accused.

You can see his tweets below: