Pennsylvania girl confronts boys trick-or-treating in blackface and Confederate flags: 'Nobody was saying anything'
Teens wear blackface and Confederate flags for Halloween (Facebook)

A Pennsylvania family confronted a pair of teenage boys trick-or-treating in blackface costumes and wearing Confederate flag capes.

Esperanza Menendez, 17, was taking part in Halloween festivities Wednesday in Lower Macungie Township with her sisters, ages 10 and 18, when they encountered the pair -- and they couldn't believe what they saw, reported Lehigh Valley Live.

"I turn around and my stomach drops because I see these two ignorant kids in blackface right in front of me," Menendez told the newspaper.

"I was so enraged when I saw these kids, I never thought I'd see something like that in person honestly," she said. "The fact they walked around ... dressed like that and they had a bag full of candy and no one said anything, it just makes me so angry."

She confronted the boys and swore at them, and they smiled and insisted, "It ain't racist."

Menendez, who said she didn't recognize the boys, said she tried not to let them intimidate her.

"I feel like in today's day you can't show fear like that to people who think that stuff is okay," she said. "You need to let them know what's up or they're going to keep walking thinking they're superior and they can just do anything."

She sent the video to her father, who was at home handing out candy, and he said his daughters came home soon afterward.

"It kind of ruined the night for everybody," Rafael Menendez said. "My 10-year-old was a little confused and we had to talk to her. She was a little scared. We aren't plastered to the news, but we want to make sure they are aware of it."

The father said he was troubled by the incident, and he faulted other adults for remaining silent.

"I have been down that block (on Halloween) and there's always tons of parents around," he said. "Everybody was looking, but nobody was saying anything."