'Planned like a murder': John Dean explains why Trump firing Sessions may be worse than the Saturday Night Massacre
Nixon White House counsel John Dean. Image via screengrab.

Richard Nixon's former White House counsel John Dean explained why Donald Trump forcing the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be worse than the Saturday Night Massacre.

In the "Saturday Night Massacre where Nixon relieved special prosecutor [Archibald] Cox," Dean told CNN's Jake Tapper in a phone interview, "that was sort of a culmination of disregard for the president's direction as to not go after his tapes."

"Here I think this seems to be planned like a murder," Nixon's former right-hand man said with a chuckle.

He noted that during a press conference earlier in the day, Trump "brushed off" questions about special counsel Robert Mueller and told reporters he'll "deal with it later."

"He's clearly been thinking about it and 'later' meant he's not necessarily going to fire Mueller, he's going to undercut him by the people around him," Dean said.

Watch below via CNN: