Pro-Trump activist who smeared Mueller now insists he was 'joking' when taking credit for Avenatti abuse claims
Attorney Michael Avenatti (left via screengrab) and pro-Trump activist Jacob Wohl (right, via YouTube).

The pro-Trump activist who hilariously failed in a scheme to smear special counsel Robert Mueller now claims he was kidding when he took credit for the domestic abuse claims against attorney Michael Avenatti.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jacob Wohl said "it was just a joke" when his conspiracy-peddling firm Surefire Intelligence appeared to confirm it was involved in the domestic abuse allegations against Avenatti.

"Surefire Intelligence strikes again," the group tweeted from its Twitter account on November 14 after the claims first went public.

"The tweet was sent out in jest, it was a silly tweet," Wohl told DailyMailTV. "And he doesn’t actually believe that Surefire Intelligence or I had anything to do with his arrest. What he’s trying to do is to place blame on to me."

After Surefire Intelligence "jokingly" took credit for the allegations, the attorney for Donald Trump's former mistress Stormy Daniels took to Twitter himself and said the 20-year-old failed hedge fund manager "should not be sleeping well at night."

In his interview with the Daily Mail, the self-described "Head of the Most Well-Known Opposition Research Firm in the World" said he wasn't even the person responsible for the tweet.

"I didn’t even send the tweet, one of my business partners did," Wohl added. "And I told him, I said 'great tweet.' Little did I know that it would set off this press storm and [Avenatti] would glob onto it like that."