More Proud Boys charged for Manhattan riot -- including secret unnamed indictments
A member of the Proud Boys attacks a man on the ground during a melee in New York City/Screenshot

Court records show that eight members of the far-right "Proud Boys" group have been charged over their alleged involvement in an October street brawl with anti-fascist protesters in New York City.

Data scientist and hate group researcher Emily Gorcenski noted on Twitter that there appear to be two more names added to the list of defendants for the October 12 fight that went largely ignored by the NYPD at the time.

"New York State court records show two more names on the Proud Boy case number: Jake Freijo and Erik Kaczynski," Gorcenski tweeted alongside a screenshot of all the defendants' names.

In subsequent tweets, the data scientist said the two additional Proud Boys face charges similar to the other group members related to rioting and assault.

Until Gorcenski publicized the updated defendant list, it was only known that six Proud Boys had been charged in relation to the brawl.

In a video announcing his resignation from the group, Vice co-founder and Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes referred to the "NYC 9" who were charged for the fight.

It remains unclear who the ninth defendant may be.

McInnes said in his resignation video that he was "reluctantly" quitting to help "alleviate [the members'] sentencing" and prove that the Proud Boys are not a "gang." He released the video days after news broke that the FBI considers the group "extremists" with "ties to white nationalism."