Rick Wilson pulverizes Trump's presser: 'A desperate attempt to recast his reality show'

Conservative pundit Rick Wilson on Wednesday slammed President Trump's post-midterm press conference, telling MSNBC's Katy Tur it was nothing more than "a desperate attempt to recast his reality show" with Nancy Pelosi as his next villain.

"This is Donald Trump desperately trying to cast his new reality show and to turn Nancy Pelosi into his foil," Wilson said, adding that Trump's current bete noir, the migrant caravan, "will disappear in a puff of smoke -today- because he has to find a new bandit, a new devil."

Wilson said that Republicans need to come to terms with the fact that Trump "has no loyalty" to the party.

"He's blaming Mia Love and Carlos Curbelo and others for not embracing him? He gave them a fatal disease," Wilson emphasized, and added that even candidates like Kris Kobach, who "could not have been further up Donald Trump", lost badly.

"There are plenty of ways that my 'everything Trump touches dies' theory played out last night," Wilson said. "Donald Trump endorsed 31 house candidates and 28 of them lost."

Watch the video below.