Top Ohio Republican says Trump tactics are not working in midterms: 'People do not want to hear this kind of talk'
President Donald Trump addresses the UN/Screenshot

Gov. John Kasich (OH-R) told CNN's Chris Cuomo that President Donald Trump's midterm strategy to scare voters is not working.

Kasich slammed Trump's rhetoric by saying that people are tired of the hate speech and that ethical lines have been crossed.

Kasich said that Trump is evoking fear.

"It's all about getting people stirred up," Kasich said. "It's about fear. It's about scaring people. People are susceptible to fear when they're told that by the president."

"This is not the way to work...people do not want to hear this kind of talk. I think that this kind of heated rhetoric isn't going to win elections."

Watch the video below via CNN.