Trump co-author says the president realizes midterms could turn ‘very dark for him’ and he's acting like 'one scared son-of-a-gun’
Author Tony Schwartz on MSNBC (screenshot)

Donald Trump's co-author for the 1987 book Trump: The Art of the Deal detailed why the president is so terrified of losing the midterm elections.

Tony Schwartz explained how Trump is suffering "emptiness" in his soul that his greed is unable to fill.

Schwartz made the comments on MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber."

"What's happened now, as Trump begins to throw anything he can at the wall in a feeling of desperation -- because he is one scared son of a gun about this potential loss," he explained..

"He does understand the implications of it, and he's frightened by it," he noted.

"So, the reason he's doing these outrageous things -- the reason he's sending 15,000 troops down to a location where there's no enemy -- is because he wants to do anything he can to deflect attention, to raise the anger of his base, and what he realizes is that this could turn very, very dark for him," he continued.

"Think about this when we talk about Trump. Think about the fact that he is the 1/10 of 1 percent, a guy who inherited $400 million, and yet his presidency is a continuing expression of this feeling of emptiness inside, that he needs to fill from outside," Schwartz suggested.

No matter how loudly the crowds cheer at his "Make America Great Again" rallies or how much money he grifts in office, Trump can't fill the emptiness in his soul.

"He wants the love, he wants to do the self-dealing so he has more money, and it isn't working," he continued. "It doesn't work."