A White House official who spoke with CNN relayed the president's latest mood amid potential staffing shakeups — and the outlook is grim.

Host Jake Tapper noted that aides described "a darker than normal cloud hovering over the Oval Office."

"He's pissed at damn near everyone," one White House official told CNN.

Tapper added that the network learned that the president's "intense and bitter mood" appeared to escalate after Republican losses in last week's midterm elections.

The host also noted that a source told White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins that Trump "was furious" that First Lady Melania Trump issued a rare public statement condemning a national security adviser prior to that adviser's ouster.

That move, Tapper said, made Trump worry he looked like "a bossed around husband."

"President Trump is growing more isolated by the day," Collins said. "Trump has been in a dark mood since he returned from Paris, berating aides over a decision to cancel a planned visit to a military cemetery due to the rain."

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