Trump rages against Mueller and ‘his gang of Democrat thugs’ as his Twitter meltdown continues
President Donald Trump (Axios on HBO)

President Donald Trump continued his Twitter storm as snow continued to fall on the nation's capital Thursday.

"Universities will someday study what highly conflicted (and NOT Senate approved) Bob Mueller and his gang of Democrat thugs have done to destroy people. Why is he protecting Crooked Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page & her lover, Peter S, and all of his friends on the other side?" Trump tweeted.

As a fact-check, Mueller was approved for his FBI position by the full Senate by a 98 to 0 vote. After that, he was appointed by Rod Rosenstein as the special counsel and Rosenstein was appointed by Trump and approved by the Republican Senate as well.

"The only 'Collusion' is that of the Democrats with Russia and many others. Why didn’t the FBI take the Server from the DNC? They still don’t have it. Check out how biased Facebook, Google and Twitter are in favor of the Democrats. That’s the real Collusion!" he continued.

The president reportedly spent 10-15 hours with his lawyers Wednesday with more expected Thursday. He was told by them not to tweet about the Mueller investigation and has followed the instruction somewhat. Thursday that flew out the window.