Trump superfan screams anti-Semitic conspiracies about George Soros at CNN reporter in Florida rally
Trump supporter rants against CNN and George Soros (Twitter)

A man dressed as President Donald Trump angrily ranted at a Florida rally about the same concerns that apparently inspired a mail bomber and Pittsburgh synagogue gunman.

CNN's Jim Acosta posted video of the unidentified man wearing a suit, blonde wig and red "Make America Great Again" hat at the Fort Myers rally as he yelled about the news network and philanthropist George Soros -- who were each targeted last week by mail bombs.

"Why don't you do some real investigation, you f*cking self-hating liberal?" the man shouts. "Why don't you look into George Soros shorting interest on the U.S. dollar? He's trying to f*cking prevent -- he's trying to change the world order."

Acosta asks the man why he's so angry, and he insists he's not.

"I ain't angry, pal, I love everybody," the man says. "Why are you angry?"

Cesar Sayoc, a fervent Trump supporter, was arrested Friday in connection with a string of explosive devices sent to CNN, Soros and prominent Democrats, and Robert Bowers has been charged in the murders of 11 Jewish worshipers apparently inspired by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving Soros and promoted by the president.