Trump 'totally caught off guard' by Cohen plea -- and aides fear he's fallen into Mueller's 'perjury trap': report
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump (Photo: Screen captures)

People close to President Donald Trump worry he's fallen into a "perjury trap" laid by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, reports Vanity Fair.

A former staffer told the magazine that Mueller waited until after Trump submitted written answers under oath, reportedly including questions about Trump Tower Moscow before showing their cards with Michael Cohen’s plea.

“Trump was totally caught off guard by the Cohen plea,” the source said.

Trump's team, including lawyer Rudy Giuliani, are angry with how Mueller has handled things since they turned over the written answers to questions.

“They’ve gone dark,” a friend of Giuliani said. “Rudy is extremely frustrated. He thinks Mueller is acting like some junior U.S. attorney who’s got his panties in a wad and doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Trump's son, Don Jr., is also very worried.

“Don’s been telling people he’s very worried after today,” a source told Vanity Fair.