The View’s Meghan McCain calls out conservatives for ignoring Trump’s disrespect for the military
Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain challenged her fellow conservatives to pay more attention to President Donald Trump's apparent disrespect for the military he commands.

Trump skipped a 100th anniversary commemoration of World War I last weekend in France, and he told Fox News he had been too busy to attend a Veterans Day event last week at Arlington National Cemetery.

"I think we should be intellectually honest at this table, that if President (Barack) Obama had missed Veterans Day or an armistice ceremony in France, my head would have exploded on this table in front of you," McCain said.

She said the president had disrespected the military in both word and deed.

"I think there's this whole collection of disrespect against the military and our veterans and towards our history that I don't know if he's aware how intense it is for those of us who still respect our legacy, who still respect the military," McCain said.

Trump criticized retired four-star Admiral William McRaven in the same Fox News interview, saying he should have gotten to Osama bin Laden sooner.

"You're talking about an admiral who put his life on the line in many different ways," McCain said, "and I think that's where we can't be gaslit into thinking this is normal, especially as conservatives, because again, if President Obama had done this, I 100 percent would be screaming bloody murder right here on the show."