The View's Meghan McCain tries to get Sen. Gillibrand to attack Nancy Pelosi and gets a senatorial smackdown

The View's Meghan McCain tried to get New York Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand to attack Republican boogeyman Nancy Pelosi, and got a senatorial smackdown for her efforts.

"Eighty-six Democrats declined to support Nancy Pelosi. Fifty-six percent of the Democratic Party says Pelosi should be replaced," McCain said. "I don't think she should be the leader that should unify your party but I'm not a Democrat. I want to know from you, do you think she's the leader for this moment right now?"

If McCain was expecting Gillibrand to take the bait, she was mistaken.

"I think she's tough as nails and gets things done," retorted Gillibrand over McCain's interruptions. "One thing about Nancy Pelosi, she knows how to get things done. She knows how to bring her caucus together."

Gillibrand then turned the tables and pointed out that the election was a rebuke to the president.

"It was a referendum on what President Trump has put into the world and wanting that accountability, oversight, and wanting people to be heard," Gillibrand said. "We need to help people, and health care and education and jobs are the things on their minds. So I believe she'll do a good job in moving that forward."

Watch the video below.