WATCH: Christian woman terrifies California kids at Drag Queen Story Hour with angry rant about gays
Genevieve Peters -- screenshot

An angry woman who identified herself as a Christian burst into a California bookstore during a Drag Queen Story Time event and terrified a gathering of small children attending with their parents by bellowing about the evils of gays, reports LGBTQNation.

According to the report, the woman, identified as Genevieve Peters, showed up at the Cellar Door bookstore in Riverside on Wednesday to protest the Halloween event as three drag queens were reading books to kids.

Peters attacked bookstore owner Linda Sherman-Nurick after she was asked to stop bothering the kids while filming her own rant on her phone, "She has invited the public to watch this perversion with these homosexuals. I’m sorry this is what’s happening.”

According to the report, Peters was repeatedly asked to stop filming and leave the bookstore before a Riverside police officer showed up to escort her out.

According to Peters, she said that she will return as long as the bookstore continued to schedule drag queen events.

You can watch video below: