WATCH: Disgusted GOP strategist rips into 'ignorant' Mississippi Senator Hyde-Smith 3 days before special election
Appointed Republican Senator Cindy-Hyde Smith of Mississippi (screengrab)

Republican strategist Evan Siegried said he was "disgusted" by interim Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's racism during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

Hyde-Smith has been highly criticized for remarks about willingness to attend a "public hanging" that evoked Mississippi's infamous history of lynchings. She is facing former U.S. Agricultural Secretary Mike Espy (D) in Tuesday's special election runoff.

"So Evan, there are two things balanced against each other," host Joy Reid noted. "On the one hand, the argument that Mike Espy is making, that having this image historically is bad for Mississippi and corporations don't want to locate here if that is what think we are."

"The argument that Cindy Hyde-Smith is making is the argument that alt-right makes -- you can't say racism because you are just using it as a political weapon and you can't use that against me anymore," she continued.

"First thing, with that apology, there are two things. One, she was reading the apology if you notice," he noted. "And whenever you are reading an apology, no matter who you are, it is not as genuine and it actually is really bad -- you need to speak from the heart."

"And number two, her excuse of, this being used as a political weapon, that means she is either ignorant or stupid because she's completely oblivious to the history of lynching of Mississippi and the South," he charged.

"I think it was absolutely wrong and furthers the gulf between Republicans and African-Americans," he explained. "We lost African-Americans in the midterms by 81 points -- and we deserve to, to be honest with you."

"So we do deserve that and I think Cindy Hyde-Smith will ultimately win, but I'm pretty disgusted by what is going on, because not only is it making a mockery of the Republican Party, but it is morally wrong," he added.