WATCH: Utter anarchy on Champs-Elysees as Paris erupts in fiery protests over fuel prices
The Champs-Elysees in flames during protests/Screenshot from CNN

Paris police fired tear gas and water cannons on Saturday during a street battle with thousands of protesters who gathered in rage over rising car fuel prices and President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies.

The so-called “yellow vest” protests across France started last week.

As nightfall came to Paris, fires and explosions hit Champs-Elysees avenue, which is in the middle of Christmas shopping season.

According to CNN, the protests started over fuel prices but have escalated because Macron now has only a 25 percent approval rating and the nation's economy is struggling.

"This is not the scene you would expect on a Saturday night," a CNN reporter said.

Video posted by onlookers showed flames shooting several stories into the air, explosions rocking entire blocks and firefighters turning their hoses on to blast protestors.

Watch CNN's report live from France below.