Watergate prosecutor reveals bombshell results of Manafort's lies: ‘Mueller’s got the evidence of conspiracy’
First Lady Melania Trump looks on as President Donald Trump receives a two-arm handshake President Vladimir Putin.

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman on Tuesday predicted special counsel Robert Mueller had obtained "significant evidence" that the 2016 Donald Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government.

Ackerman joined MSNBC's "The Beat" with host Ari Melber" to discuss the news that Mueller concluded former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort violated his plea deal.

"How does this bombshell impact the collusion part of the probe?" Melber asked.

"Oh, I think this is what the probe's all about -- it's about conspiracy, not collusion," he replied. "Conspiracy is the crime and this more evidence of that conspiracy."

"Bob Mueller has significant evidence on conspiracy," Ackerman predicted.

"They are the co-conspirators on the American side, they are part of -- at least -- the staging and release of those emails," he argued.

"But this new evidence almost makes you believe that it's possible they were also involved in the conspiracy to hack into the DNC in the first place," Ackerman noted.

"The bottom line is Mueller's got the evidence of conspiracy," he concluded. "That is the big headline from yesterday's news."