White House facing staff revolt and resignations if John Kelly is replaced by Pence's top aide: CNN
Nick Ayers (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday said that White House staff was revolting against the prospect of Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff Nick Ayers taking over John Kelly's position, with several threatening to resign.

"During Trump's flight home from Paris, aides were filing in to go see the president saying that if he were to appoint Ayers as chief of staff, it would lower morale, it would trigger potentially an exodus," said Baldwin to New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi. "Why don't they like him very much?"

"I think he's viewed as a striver, he's viewed as an operator," said Nuzzi. "It's not surprising people want to hold on to their jobs when somebody comes in who seems to be able to have the president's ear, to be able to be in important meetings and meet with the president privately, it's not shocking to understand why that might prompt some fear."

Nuzzi added however that, despite stories about "chaos in the West Wing", Trump is reluctant to fire people, which is why so many characters manage to hang on.

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