White professor calls cops on black university student for putting her feet on chair during class
A black university student in Texas is escorted from class by two armed police officers after allegedly putting her feet on the chair in front of her/Screenshot

A white college professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio called the police on a black student and had her escorted out of class because she didn't like how she was sitting, reports SBG San Antonio.

In video shared to Twitter, Biology professor Anita Moss shows two police officers where the student is sitting so that they can escort her out of class.

"This professor stopped class entirely and stepped out to call the police just because one student had her feet up on a seat in front of her. Mind you she wasn't talking or interrupting lecture," the person who posted the video wrote. "The class before this professor went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised."

A Twitter user who identified herself as the victim of the apparent action pointed out that she didn't violate the student code of conduct.

"This is me in Anita Moss’ 2053 Bio classroom. Upon entering class I was told I needed to leave or would be escorted out by officers, I never disobeyed the student code of conduct. Not once. A police report is being filed atm, this is just the beginning. Thanks for your support!" she tweeted.

University president Taylor Eighmy says the university is investigating.

"Today we had an incident where one of our African American students was escorted from a biology class by members of UTSA’s police department at the request of a faculty member," Eighmy wrote. "While the facts aren’t fully known regarding today’s incident, our Office of Equal Opportunity Services is already conducting an investigation into possible discrimination."