Alan Dershowitz 'very proud' of deal that got billionaire serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein one year in jail
Attorney Alan Dershowitz and child molester client Jeffrey Epstein/Screenshot

Trump defender Alan Dershowitz is "very proud" of the deal he cut on behalf of client Jeffrey Epstein, he tells the blog Law & Crime.

Epstein pleaded guilty to felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008. He was accused of trafficking more than 40 underage girls for sex, and, as Law & Crime reports “one such girl claimed Dershowitz himself had sex with her when she was underage.”

Dershowitz denies the claim and told Law & Crime that his accuser is a "certified, complete, total liar."

However, Dershowitz was very proud of his work in the case.

Epstein, a billionaire with many powerful friends from both parties including the Trumps and Clintons, was allowed to plead guilty to state charges that resulted in a 13-month prison sentence at a white collar prison which he was allowed to leave prison during the day for work.

There is a current investigation into the plea deal, which federal prosecutors allegedly made without informing victims, as is required by law.

“I’m very proud of that deal, that’s what lawyers are supposed to do,” Dershowitz said. “Lawyers are supposed to get the best deals they can.”

Law & Crime reports that Dershowitz would have been even happier if the child molester got "no time at all."