Americans have had enough of a 'hysterical, chaos-creating president': conservative commentator
President Donald Trump speaks during a change of command ceremony at Coast Guard Headquarters. (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Patrick Kelley)

Following yet another chaotic week in the White House, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin claims Americans have finally had it with President Donald Trump.

Using the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis -- who gave up trying to deal with the erratic and impulsive president as a tipping point -- Rubin said a growing swath of voters are finally admitting Trump is not working out.

"President Trump may have misread — if (he) was reading at all — the vast majority of Americans' patience for an hysterical, chaos-creating and non-functioning president," Rubin began. "What in the past worked to delight his audience and throw mainstream media off balance (e.g., a new scandal to replace an old one, vicious personal attacks on opponents and the press, new stock market highs) no longer works to keep his leaky ship of state afloat."

"Once the realization hits that he’s a net drag on the economy and a needless headache, the country is collectively far more willing to consider grounds for getting rid of him," she suggested, adding, "After more than 7,000 lies, Trump’s habitual dishonesty is now a given — and his excuses and accusations now habitually ignored by most Americans."

The conservative columnist said Americans need to think long and hard about what is yet to come.

"The president is a menace, and the president likely broke the law. What’s the implication of all that? First, his chances of reelection are sinking fast. It’s one thing to resist impeachment; it’s another to sign up for four more years of turmoil with a liar and miscreant," she wrote.

"Second, the public, I’d suggest, is far more likely to accept at face value special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report findings," she predicted. "If they already suspect Trump ordered illegal payments or obstructed justice, Mueller’s report will likely solidify that view beyond the confines of the Trump cult (which shrinks as his performance worsens)."

"In sum, the ground shifted substantially over the last week or so. The cracks in his Republican wall of support are widening as actual fear grips Republican officeholders; the public becomes far more willing — anxious even — to see him go," Rubin concluded before adding hopefully, "Whether all that will result in his departure from office before 2020 is unknown, but it no longer seems like a pipe dream."

You can read the whole piece here.