Bernie Sanders unloads on Trump for governing based on what he sees on TV as shutdown looms
Bernie Sanders (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders unloaded on President Donald Trump for governing the country based on pressure from the far-right and what he watches on Fox News.

The White House has seen a chaotic Christmas season as senators scramble to avert a partial government shutdown. Trump has made countless decisions based on the pressure from his base and reporting he watches on Fox News.

Trump withdrew American troops from Syria and plans to withdraw another 7,000 from Afgantsion despite the urgent warning from top aides and experts telling him not to do so.

Sanders rebukes the presidents as unfit to lead the country.

"Do you think the president is fit to be Commander in Chief?" CNN host Jim Sciutto asked.

"I don't believe that Donald Trump is fit to be President of the United States. You cannot have a president who makes important decisions and overrides what the United States Congress has worked hard to do because he saw something on a TV program. That's not the way the United States works."

Watch below via CNN.