'He. Can’t. Read’: Internet joyfully piles on Trump for ‘not being smart enough’ to understand Mattis letter knocked him
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

A recent New York Times report revealed that President Donald Trump didn't seem to comprehend the resignation letter sent by Defense Secretary James Mattis this week.

Trump allegedly read the letter before praising the secretary's work and dedication to the United States, but once cable news began reporting the letter's contents, he turned to rage. A Twitter-rant quickly followed.

It's led many pundits and activists online to wonder if the president was smart enough to understand what Mattis was saying in his two-page letter.

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins was among the first to comment it seemed Trump didn't really read the letter.

"The more you read Mattis’s resignation letter, the clearer it becomes that Trump had not read it before he sent his tweet," she tweeted Thursday.

"Trump is clearly kicking Mattis out early because he’s just now realizing that Mattis’s resignation letter was a rebuke of his Presidency," tweeted draft Beto chief Nate Lerner. "It took him 3 days to figure that out."

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