Trump 'hates' Mattis letter and rages about news coverage suggesting he needs 'adult day care': CNN

On Friday, CNN’s Jim Acosta revealed that President Donald Trump was enraged by the language in Defense Secretary James Mattis' resignations letter.

Mattis submitted his letter of resignation to the president after he made a hasty decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

"I understand, that you have some new details about the president's reaction to the stunning resignation yesterday from the defense secretary, James Mattis," host Wolf Blitzer said.

"I'm told by a source close to the White House that [Trump] hates that letter from the defense secretary, James Mattis," Acosta said.

He added that Trump hates the media coverage "even more." Acosta said that Mattis and other people like White House Chief of Staff John Kelly were often perceived as the adults in the room.

"They were the adults in the room along with Jim Mattis to keep the president from going overboard, and so the president once again irritated by this notion here in Washington that he is sometimes is in need of adult day care," he said.

Watch the video below via CNN.