CNN panel dissects prospects of Trump impeachment after Manafort memo: 'Synergy sounds a little collusion-y'
CNN panelists Maggie Haberman and Jeffrey Toobin appear on Anderson Cooper's show/Screenshot

On Friday, CNN's Anderson Cooper had an all-star panel to discuss new legal filings in the cases of President Donald Trump's former campaign boss Paul Manafort and fixer attorney Michael Cohen.

Former U.S Attorney Preet Bharara, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin were among Cooper's guests.

The panel was very interested in the filings in the Cohen case, which establish that Russians reached out to Trump in November 2015, before his campaign really got rolling, offering "synergy."

Trump has repeatedly denied any "collusion" with Russia to win the campaign, but the filings seem to suggest otherwise, the expert guests concluded.

"It's hard not to see that as some form of attempted collaboration," Hamerman said. "Synergy sounds a little collusion-y."

"'Synergy,' I think, is the Harvard Business School term for collusion," said Bharara.

"This is politically very damaging to the president," said Haberman.

"You think this could, like, stick," asked Cooper.

"Yes, I think this could stick," said Haberman.

Haberman said that if Mueller issues his report within the next few months and the proof proves that Trump had "synergy" with Russia, Democrats in the House of Representatives are "going to have to decide what to do" when it comes to possible impeachment.

Watch the segment below.