CNN panel explodes after ex-Obama aide points out that 'Republicans talk about impeachment more than Democrats'
Former Obama aide Karinne Jean-Pierre (left) and former Trump campaign aide David Urban (right). Image via screengrab.

During a CNN panel discussion featuring two aides to former President Barack Obama and an ex-Trump campaign operative, tensions were high as one Democrat pointed out the hypocrisy of one major GOP talking point.

The conversation first took a turn for the worst when David Urban, a former aide to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, argued that Democrats want to "overturn" the election simply because of leaked tapes showing him greenlighting payments to adult models who alleged they had affairs with him.

"You shouldn't overturn an election because of that," Urban mused. "That's not something you're going to overturn an election based on, those two payments."

He then suggested that it would be different if prosecutors uncovered something more "grandiose" that points to "real Russian collusion."

Urban went on to claim that the Democrats who are soon to take over power in the House of Representatives are angling to impeach Trump -- and was rebuffed by Karinne Jean-Pierre, a former Obama administration official.

"I think Republicans talk about impeachment more than Democrats do," Jean-Pierre said. "We certainly didn't run on it. We talked about keeping the checks and balances, having oversight on this president and making sure we talked about real issues."

She then noted that U.S. attorneys are unlikely to take on any potential prosecution of the president based solely on tapes from his former lawyer.

Watch below: