CNN’s Keith Boykin unloads on pointless shutdown: ‘Trump failed’ — and now ‘800,000 people are suffering’
Former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin/CNN screen shot

Former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin has clearly had it up to here with President Donald Trump's blame game -- and let loose with a righteous rant on CNN Friday morning.

Host Kate Bolduan noted that unpaid government workers were growing more nervous as to how long Trump's shutdown would last into the new Congress, and asked Boykin if there were any funding options House Democrats would accept.

"I think most Democrats are onboard with any option that keeps the government open, that funds crucial priorities, including border security, but that doesn't provide funding for Trump's wall," Boykin said. "I don't think Democrats are rigid on anything except for the issue of the wall." But he was just winding up, and launched into a blistering attack on the president's incompetence.

"Donald Trump campaigned for two years saying Mexico was going to pay for his wall. Mexico is not paying for his wall," Boykin said. "He had two years of Republican-controlled Congress in which he could have gotten the wall funded. He did not do so. Now we are here at the 11th hour, the 11th minute, and Trump is deciding to shut down the government because he couldn't get this done."

"Why is this the responsibility of the Democratic Party? Why is it the responsibility of the American people to make up what Donald Trump failed to do?" he continued angrily, saying nothing should be agreed to until the new Congress is sworn in and that Trump was putting people's livelihoods at risk. "800,000 people are still suffering, who are federal government employees who are on furlough, who are on leave, who are working without pay, because Donald Trump decided to have a meltdown to appease his base."

"The Democratic Party is unified," he concluded. "The only question is whether Donald Trump will come to his senses and cut a deal."

Watch the video below.