CNN's Van Jones reveals why Trump's lawyers are 'terrified' after Mueller rejects written answers
Activist Van Jones on ABC's This Week (Screen capture)

Former Obama administration official Van Jones responded on-air to reports that special counsel Robert Mueller wants more from Donald Trump -- and why the prospect should leave the president's lawyers quaking.

Moments before, CNN broke news that Mueller still wants to interview Trump after reviewing his written responses to questions regarding Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, which the special counsel deemed not enough.

“Mueller’s interest in talking with the president continues, and it includes an interest in asking questions about the president’s state of mind in regards to actions under scrutiny in the obstruction probe,” CNN’s Pamela Brown reported earlier in the hour.

Host John Berman noted that as the network got the story "30 seconds before" they went live, Jones turned to him and said "Wow, this is not good news for the president."

"There's a context here which we've now just gotten used to," Jones noted. "It's important to remind people. Why won't the president sit down and have a conversation with Mueller?"

Though most people, like Trump, would not want to have the interview, "they'd lawyer up and get it over with" the former special advisor to Barack Obama mused.

But in the case of Mueller and this president, Jones noted, "everybody knows that Trump can't talk without lying" -- a state that would be a "massive disability for anybody, let alone the head of a country."

"His lawyers are terrified that if he opens his mouth, he cannot tell the truth and would wind up going to jail," he added.

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