Columnist baffled by why anyone would want John Kelly's job: 'They'll come out disgraced'
White House chief of staff John Kelly gives a press briefing. Image via screengrab.

Donald Trump may have a hard time filling the job of White House chief of staff, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg explained on MSNBC.

"The game of musical chairs continues at the White House today. Breaking this last hour, the president says chief of staff John Kelly is out at the end of the year," anchor Phillip Mena noted.

The leading candidate is reportedly Nick Ayers, currently serving as chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence.

"To me the most significant thing we see what a diminished figure John Kelly is," Goldberg noted. After less than two years in this administration -- he came in with this sterling reputation and like almost everybody who steps into Trump's orbit is now leaving, you know, with that reputation significantly tarnished."

"Which is why I sort of wonder why anyone else -- particularly a young man with political ambitions of his own like Nick Ayers -- would want to take this job," she noted.

"But again, I just -- I can't imagine why -- why Nick Ayers would possibly want to do this," she repeated. "I mean, he is going to come out of this like everybody who gets close to Trump.

"He's going to come out of this disgraced," Goldberg predicted. "He's going to likely come out of this needing, you know, his own attorney for all sorts of congressional hearings."

"It's just, you know, a ticket to infamy," she added.