Congressional staffers are trashing 'dumbest shutdown' in epic group text
Mitch McConnell who is blocking a bill to protect special prosecutor Robert Mueller/Screenshot

On Friday, CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly said that a group chat with Congressional staffers are ripping the president for causing the "dumbest" shut down in history.

The government will shut down Friday at midnight after the president refused to sign off on the budget because he did not get the funding for his border wall.

CNN's Don Lemon pointed out that this is the third government shutdown of 2018 with a one party controlled White House.

"What gives here, for two years they had the White House, the Senate, and the Congress," Lemon said.

"I'm on a text chain with Congressional staffers where the actual question today is-- where does this rank in the history of the dumbest shutdown?" Mattingly said. "There is often an understanding with both parties that shutdowns are a bad idea and don't make a lot of sense."

He said the "biggest reason" for the shutdown is because there is a lot of "uncertainty" about where the president stands.

Watch the video below via CNN.