Conservative pundit explains why 'ridiculous' Trump may actually shut down Mexican border

As the government shutdown entered its seventh day and the Trump administration advised furloughed federal employees to pay their rent by performing household tasks for their landlords, panelists on CNN's The Lead debated whether President Donald Trump would make good on his threat to also shut down the border.

Democrats have not shown signs they plan to relent and release wall funding and Friday President Donald Trump suggested he'd close the border to force their hand.

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol said he'd normally dismiss the President's threat "as just Twitter talk."

He pointed out that the President often doesn't follow through on his more extreme threats. But he also noted that as the President has shed senior advisors, his behavior has gotten more erratic. "He's gone from speaking rashly to acting rashly," Kristol pointed out.

"Who knows what stunt he'll pull next week to try to seize the political initiative on the border or something ridiculous like that?"