WATCH: Former federal prosecutors explain Rudy Giuliani's 'desperation' tactics to defend Trump
Attorney for the president Rudy Giuliani on Fox News (Screenshot)

On Thursday, two former federal prosecutors, Elie Honig and Harry Sandick, ripped President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Guiliani for using a "desperate strategy" when it comes to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

CNN's Kate Bolduan said that Guiliani is "getting hard to believe" after he gave contradicting information to a different news outlet about whether or not Trump would continue talks with Mueller.

"Is there a legal strategy in that at all?" Bolduan asked.

"This is a well-worn defense strategy of desperation. We have seen it a bunch of times which is when you've got nothing, put the prosecution on trial," Honig said. "Normally it's a desperate tactic and usually doesn't get anywhere but this is not any case. Rudy is trying to play a PR strategy here as well and just trying to put something out there that the ardent supporters of the president can cling on to," he said.

Bolduan then said that people are starting not to take Guiliani seriously.

"Do you think Mueller's team takes Rudy Giuliani seriously?" she asked.

"I find it hard to believe that he's the person who they go to when they have a serious inquiry about something in the investigation," Sandick said. "They recognize in this day and age, a person like the president who's a public figure will often have a lawyer who does more sort of speech-making and TV appearances but the real legal work is presumably being done by the lawyers in Florida."

Watch below via CNN.