‘A giant waste of money’: Ex-FBI agent explains the biggest problem with Trump’s border wall
Retired FBI Special Agent Clint Watts on MSNBC (screengrab)

President Donald Trump is attempting to waste a pile of money on his signature border wall, a former FBI special agent on MSNBC on Saturday.

Clint Watts was a FBI special agent who served on the Joint Terrorism Task Force and joined guest host Baratunde Thurston on Saturday.

"There are much better ways to do this, for a couple different reasons," Watts explained. "One, any wall without overwatch -- we would say in the military -- is not a defense. You're just blinding yourself to what's happening on the other side of the wall -- they never really talked about that. "

"What we've been looking at even over the last decade, especially with counterterrorism and what was done in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've advanced technology dramatically," he continued. "This is something we could invest in -- tighter, improved border security without putting up a wall, much more effective investing in our technological advances in the United States."

Watts also mocked Trump's plan to build a concrete wall.

"You want to invest in industry -- we have concrete down," he noted.

"I guarantee you, if you talk to the professionals that want to accomplish this -- both sides of the aisle -- they'll say here's a solution we're willing to fund, here are companies that were benefit from it in the United States," he explained.