Giuliani melts down defending Trump lies about Cohen: 'Unless you're god, you'll never know what the truth is'
Rudy Giuliani appears on ABC (screen grab)

Rudy Giuliani, an attorney representing President Donald Trump, insisted that Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, could not be believed when it comes to allegations that illegal campaign contributions paid off multiple mistresses for their silence.

"[Cohen] is saying the president knew it was wrong and directed him to do it anyway," ABC host George Stephanopoulos told Giuliani on Sunday.

"Which is the truth?" Giuliani quipped, denying Cohen's statements to federal prosecutors. "I think i know what the truth is. Unless you're god, you'll never know what the truth is."

The ABC host pointed out that the Justice Department's Southern District seemed to have evidence to back up Cohen's version of events.

"I'm disgusted with the Southern District," Giuliani complained. "See what we're talking about, it's not a crime. It's not a crime, George. Paying $130,000 to Stormy whatever and the other one is not a crime."

"If there's another purpose it's not a campaign contribution," the president's lawyer insisted. "Suppose he tried to use campaign funds to pay Stormy Daniels. It wouldn't be illegal. These are not campaign contributions."

"Two weeks before the campaign?" Stephanopoulos pointed out.

"Damn right," Giuliani shot back. "Oh, right, give me a break. Obama paid $2 million in fines for campaign finance."

"Those are reporting violations as you know," the ABC host reminded the attorney.

Watch the video below from ABC.