Hardcore Trump fans rattled by Mueller disclosures and no longer buying president's 'witch hunt' claims: report
Supporter of President Donald Trump wearing a "Trump -- Make America Great Again" hat at a rally (Screengrab)

The bombshell findings linking President Donald Trump to the Russians and campaign law violations presented by special counsel Robert Mueller last week are beginning to sink in as some his most fanatical fans who are starting to believe their man may be in real legal peril.

According to a report at Axios, a Trump loyalist speaking with fans of the president outside of his immediate circle say they are no longer buying the president's claims of a Justice Department "witchhunt" after seeing some of the charges leveled against "Individual-1," widely believed to be President Donald Trump.

Addressing the plight of "hardcore MAGA [Make America Great Again] online influencers," the Axios source said, "These are the people most predisposed to believing the 'witch hunt' rhetoric, but they are now expressing real concerns."

The source added some of Trump's biggest fans are " looking at the legal stuff and have a hard time dismissing it all."

"I think SDNY [the Southern District of New York, where prosecutors said Trump directed Michael Cohen to make hush-money payments to women] has changed people’s perceptions. ... That’s viewed as a greater potential threat to Trump directly than Mueller. 'Collusion' is still met with eye rolls," the Trump backer continued. "And even MAGA loyalists are asking why Trump feels the need to go on Twitter with bizarre legal explanations that don’t seem to help."

The comments fall in line with a Tuesday CNN report that claims Trump's base of ardent supporters is starting to crumble which could cost him the midwestern states he swept up in the 2016 election.

You can read more from the Axios report here.