Here's how Donald Trump is losing the shutdown battle with Democrats
President Donald Trump. (Embajada de EEUU en la Argentina/Flickr)

President Donald Trump shut down the government three times in 2018, with Republican control of the House and Senate. This month, Trump shut down the government as a result of the Senate refusing to pass funding to support his border wall.

Trump's shutdown is unpopular across party lines. New numbers from Morning Consult seek to prove how damaging Trump's shutdown is to his popularity.

Among Trump supporters, 56 percent of them believe that he will not get his border. Also, 56 percent of Americans disapprove his border wall altogether.

Despite how damaging a government shutdown is, Trump was adamant about getting his way and said that he would take the blame for it.

"This is not merely my campaign promise -- this is the promise every lawmaker made," the president said. "It is the solemn promise to protect and defend the United States of America. And it is our sacred obligation. We have no choice."

A CBS poll shows a similar disapproval number. According to the network, 59 percent of Americans say they oppose the construction of the border wall.

CNN political correspondent Ron Brownstein said that Trump's strategy is "historically unpopular."

"The reality is that the president is using a tactic that is historically very unpopular. Shutting down for building the wall, that has never attracted majority support as far as I know in any poll that has been taken in the Trump presidency," he said.

He also noted that Trump will have Democratic Congress in the new year and that it will be even harder to gain support for his border wall. He also noted that about 60 percent of young people, African-Americans, college-educated whites, oppose the wall.

"The White House until recently recognized they really had no way forward on this demand," he said.