‘He inherited a criminal enterprise’: MSNBC panel breaks down the ‘fraud behind the Trump family fortune’
Donald Trump, Jr., Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump

MSNBC's "All In" with Chris Hayes detailed the bombshell report by The New York Times that debunked President Donald Trump's origin story of being a self-made businessman, when instead he inherited money from his father and would be worth more if he'd just invested in index funds instead of becoming a developer.

"My favorite part about the $413 million story is somebody who inherited $413 million managed to be $900 million in the hole," MSNBC's Joy Reid noted.

"That's the thing," Hayes said. "There's the fraud, the debunking this myth, there is the fact that this was basically daddy's little welfare case."

"Also the fact he's a serial failure and the deals keep having to be bailed out by dad," he added.

"Anyone from New York, we know Donald Trump has been a grifter and lie and cheat," explained Fordham University Prof. Christina Greer. "The Trumps lie constantly."

"What we also understand, what we now know, is he inherited a criminal enterprise," noted Princeton Prof. Eddie Glaude.

"That's right," Hayes chimed-in.

"He inherited a criminal enterprise," Glaude repeated.