A Las Vegas nail salon worker was killed while trying to stop a customer from running out on a manicure without paying.

The customer, who has not been identified, attempted to pay $35 for the service Saturday afternoon but her credit card was declined, and she told workers she was getting another payment from her car, reported KVVU-TV.

Instead, the woman drove away in a rental car, and Nhu “Annie” Nguyen and her partner Sonny Chung tried to stop her.

Nguyen tried to hold onto the frame of the rear windshield, which was broken out, and she was dragged nearly 50 feet and killed.

“She kept pushing the gas, and my wife fell off, and she kept pushing more, and she dragged her from here to over there,” Chung told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He said Nguyen would have been able to avoid the car's path if the driver had braked even once.

“I tried to hold the car back, but I’m not Superman,” Chung said. “She ran off for $35 and killed my wife — $35 to run my wife over.”

Nguyen was a Vietnam refugee who had three adult daughters and two young grandchildren, who had been visiting her for the holidays.

Police found the rented Chevrolet Camaro parked at a nearby apartment complex, but the vehicle had been reported stolen about three weeks before.

The suspect remains at large.

Nguyen and Chung co-owned the salon, where they often worked up to 15 hours a day, friends said.