James Comey emerges from hearing and destroys Republicans for abandoning the rule of law
Former FBI director James Comey speaks outside a House hearing/Screenshot

In a Capitol Hill interview Monday, former FBI director James Comey slammed the GOP for trading their commitment to the rule of law for Donald Trump.

Comey noted that he was once again interviewed by the outgoing Republican majority in the House of Representatives about Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele's damning dossier on Trump "while the president of the United States is lying about the FBI, attacking the FBI and attacking the rule of law of this country."

"How does that make any sense at all?" he mused.

"Republicans used to understand that the actions of a president matter," Comey told reporters. "The words of a president matter, the rule of law matters and the truth matters. Where are those Republicans today?"

"At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the truth," he added.

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